About Us

Hello, I would like to introduce you to Hot Tub Medic. Hot Tub Medic is a company that is built upon many years of experience in the hot tub industry. When developing the business plan for Hot Tub Medic, I looked back over my career at so many hot tub dealers whose primary concern is to make a quick buck on a hot tub sale. Unfortunately for many consumers this mentality has caused their hot tub experience to create additional stress in their lives, the very stress that having the hot tub was supposed to relieve.  

Our motto at the Hot Tub Medic is Friendly Service at a Fair Price; I hope to provide answers to the questions you can not get from your dealer. I hope to provide an unbiased and honest approach to questions about water chemistry and keeping your hot tub running at peak efficiency.  

Please feel free to contact Hot Tub Medic. I hope to provide you with a service experience that your will be happy to tell your friends about.