The Nordic Advantage

Nordic Spas is dedicated to a simple vision: To enable busy families to create daily enjoyment, quality time and overall well-being with a ready-and-waiting oasis right in their own homes. Nordic Spas’ success in this pursuit has earned numerous awards and national media recognition.

Our vision, passion and quality standards are at the center of the company, manifesting in products that are unmatched in the industry while inspiring the imagination and changing the way you feel.

American Made
Nordic Spas hot tubs are produced here in the Midwest. This dedication to American jobs and handicraft has made Nordic Spas an undisputed leader in the affordable Hot Tubs.

Nordic Spas range from intimate to full size models. Add hundreds of option combinations and you’re guaranteed to have a hot tub that best represents you.

Experience for yourself what so many others around the world are already enjoying. Embrace the Nordic Spas backyard retreat lifestyle and discover the relaxation you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.