Sanitizing for Healthy Water 

Sanitizing Chemicals keep your Hot Tub water free of bacteria.  You can’t see bacteria in the water, but bacterial film loves hot water.  No worries.  You have many options to make sure these guys don’t spoil your fun.  Chlorine, Bromine, AquaFinesse, and Biguanide all eliminate harmful bacteria.

Making Your Choice

Chlorine is the oldest and most proven sanitizing system.  It is also the cheapest, and easiest to use.  Chlorine is widely used in spas, swimming pools, and other public facilities, where it sometimes gets a bad name because of odor and because it fades swimwear and can bleach hair.  However, recommended Chlorine levels for home spas is much lower than what is required in public and commercial venues, helping to minimize this problem.  

Recommendation:  If you are considering a chlorine sanitizing system, the HOT TUB MEDICTM recommends DIAMOND® SANI-SPA for the chlorine and AQUACHEK® YELLOW for water testing.  Click here to contact us for current prices


Bromine also has a substantial track record in spa sanitation.  It works largely the same way as Chlorine, but it dissipates from the water faster.  Because of this it is slightly more expensive, and it requires the purchase of a starter kit to get your bromine levels where they need to be.  After that, bromine tablets can be used. 

Recommendation:  If you are considering a Bromine sanitizing system, the HOT TUB MEDICTM recommends DIAMOND® BROM-START® to get immediate bromide levels in place, then DIAMOND® BROM-TABS® and AQUACHEK RED for bromide maintenance and testing.  Click here to contact us for current prices 


AquaFinesse sanitizes by interacting with the ozone in the water.  At the same time, AquaFinesse makes spa maintenance easier because in one treatment it eliminates hard water problems and with consistent use can eliminate the need for pH balancers, clarifiers, or defoamers.  AquaFinesse is fully environmentally friendly, and has helped some spa owners whose eczema is irritated by other chemical alternatives.  However, AquaFinesse is the most expensive choice of spa sanitizer options. the Spa Manufacturers association recommends AquaFinesse be used in conjunction with a low level of chlorine (1.5 ppm).

Recommendation:  If you are looking for an environmentally friendly alternative to chlorine and bromine, the HOT TUB MEDICTM recommends AquaFinesse.  Click here to contact us for current prices


Biguanide sanitizes by using hydrogen peroxide.  Biguanide sanitizing is much less common because it is substantially more expensive.  It is effective and safe from a health standpoint, and when you drain the water it has a lower impact on the environment than Chlorine or Bromine.  But if too much Biguanide is used, it can cause deterioration of plastic pipes, resulting in costly spa repairs.  In fact, some Hot Tub manufacturers void their warrantee if Biguanide is used. 

Recommendation:  Because of the damage biguanide/hydrogen peroxide sanitizers can do to hot tub pipes and equipment, the HOT TUB MEDIC does not recommend or sell Biguanide.  For those seeking an environmental friendly solution, the HOT TUB MEDICTM recommends the Aquafinesse system, which has the benefit of being good for the environment, good for your home spa, and good for your skin.